1.   K.V. Chamera-2 has achieved 96.15% result in CBSE Class-XII in 2012.

2.  School has achieved 2% Performance Index High in comparison to the last year. Last year P.I. was 71 and this year it is 73.

3.  51 students of our Vidyalaya went for 'Adventurous Trip' to Khajjiyar for 3 days accompanied by 4 escorts

4.  Integrity Club is constituted as per KVS guidelines in which students from classes 6th to 9th are divided into various groups.

5. Division Wise Sports Day was celebrated on 12th Aug. 11.

6. Hindi Pakhwara was celebrated from 01.09.11 to 15.09.12.

7. Teachers Day was celebrated on 05th Sept. 2012.